Pulling The Plug, Part 9: Temple

Massacred Insect
4 min readApr 19, 2019


One last twitch, and the embalmers (that’s what they were supposed to be anyway) left. The temple walls appeared and our Ba was shown separate from our Khat.

When we tried to move, only our Ba would do so.

Bumping into our Khat:

What do you say we check out the jars as well?

As for the walls, the temple was inspired on the Pyramid of Unas, whose walls are inscribed with the oldest known version of the so-called Pyramid Texts.

To fabricate my walls, I lifted a quotation from every corresponding wall in the Pyramid of Unas, transliterated it into Unicode and rendered it using Google’s Noto font.

Let’s zoom out a bit and see what happened when we bumped into the west wall.

Turns out your Ba was able to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and translate them into modern English. The translations were cobbled together from a number of sources which I referenced in the end credits for the world (see end of post).

South wall:

North wall:

Upper east wall:

Lower east wall:

From the Sarcophagus Chamber where our Khat remained, there was a Passage to the Antechamber. North and south walls of the Passage:

Antechamber counter-clockwise starting from the top left horizontal wall:

There remained a corridor leading north. East and west walls:

Exiting the corridor:

We emerged in the same desert as before. Like the temple, the jungle garden and the cave, The End Credits was a sub world of it.

Text in light grey indicated a web link. Bumping into one of them:

Well, that’s world number three down. One more to go.