Pulling The Plug, Part 10: Linear Love

Massacred Insect
4 min readApr 23, 2019


Linear Love was the fourth and last world I created inside of Glyffe. It was located near the north-east corner of Square One in Main World.

There was only one direction in Linear Love: vertical. I mean, you could go anywhere you wanted, but the only action you were going to see was along the vertical axis.

By the way, the fact that we were called Reader Two meant that the previous player to enter the world had been called Reader One. The story could be followed along by two (or more) players at the same time. Players could chat by changing their characters, like I showed you in The Great Adventure when we changed into Frankenstein’s monster. Needless to say this feature was lost on most players, simply because they found themselves alone in the world, just like I found myself alone now. I tried bumping into the white lines of text.

Okay, so there just appeared two more lines above the lines that had already been there. Moving into them.

Four more lines. Pushing on.

What just happened? The one before last block of text disappeared. I returned to see where it went.

It was back, but now the uppermost block had disappeared. And that was how the story unwound: as you bumped into a block of text, the blocks directly above and below it became visible, while the blocks once more removed disappeared. With one notable exception.

What happened here was that we’d come to the edge of the world. Fortunately, Glyffe’s worlds being wraparound, beyond the edge lay the opposite end.

From here on out until further notice there will be three blocks of text in every screenshot. You should read the bottom block first, the middle block second and the top block last.

Moving into that last line now, the top one.

And that concludes our playthrough of the worlds I created inside of Glyffe. Next stop Armageddon.